Friday, January 24, 2014

A new feature on Find A Grave

Have you Find A Gravers noticed the new feature on the Contributor Tools Screen?  You are no longer getting edit emails.  You will find your requests for edits here.

editsScreenshot taken from Find A Grave


When you click on the edits this is what you see:

edits 2Screenshot taken from Find A Grave


When I clicked on the first one, Martin Marciniak, I found that a marker photo had been uploaded with both the birth and death dates.  I had entered the wrong death date (slip of the typing fingers) and I didn’t know the birth date.   I clicked Accept on that one.  I didn’t even have to hand type the info in.

On the other two the middle names were not on the markers.  I went ahead and accepted these but I also put a blurb in the bio section that the middle name was provided by the Find A Grave volunteer listed.  For example, “Per Find A Grave volunteer Jimmy Morris (#47132742), James' middle name was Edward.” Now people will know who to contact.  If I put any information on a memorial that isn’t on the marker itself I put an explanation of where it came from. 

There is a drop down list with some other options.  You can see your own pending edits that you have sent out so you can keep tabs on them.  Here are all of the selections:

edits 3Screenshot taken from Find A Grave


For more information about how all of this works please read:

What is the new Edit tab on my contributor page?

So maybe this is one of the enhancements that had planned for the website.  So far I like it and I like the plans they have to expand this feature (detailed in the above link).


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  1. Thanks for bringing attention to this new feature. Otherwise, I don't know how long it would have been before I noticed the notification that's already been sitting 10days! I'm glad, too, that processed items can still be accessed.

  2. I wonder if this is in response to the fact that people outside the US (well, at least those in Australia that I've asked) don't get any emails, not for suggested edits, not for photo requests at nearby cemeteries, not even for forum replies. Also this way, we have to log in more often and thereby increase the visitor numbers per day, thus inflating visitor counts.

  3. Interesting. I wonder why the Australians wouldn't be getting the emails?

  4. I had not seen these changes. Thanks for the update. Looks very useful!