Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Business plans

This month’s ProGen assignment is to write up a formal business plan.  I have been sitting here working on this for over two hours now and it just isn’t coming together like I want.   I have been taking paid clients for 11 years and I never bothered to do things like written mission statements, contracts, marketing strategies, posted rates and business plans.  ARRRRRRRG!  I always thought having all this stuff in my head was good enough but it isn’t.  The chapter on contracts was especially eye opening. 

If you do any research work for others, even if it is pro bono, I highly recommend you sign up for ProGen. There is a waiting list to get in so get your name on the list now.  It is an 18 month course that is well worth the time investment.  It will definitely bring you to the next level.

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