Friday, January 31, 2014

NewspaperArchive (not!)


I had a subscription to NewspaperArchive because I needed a single paper from them, the Hattiesburg American.  This newspaper is extremely important to my research because it includes an area of Mississippi that is very rural and very poor.  The newspaper was really the only way for these people to communicate important events to extended family members in the surrounding area and it is a goldmine.  I much prefer GenealogyBank because GenealogyBank’s search is more intuitive and they carry many papers that I am interested in but they don’t carry the Hattiesburg American so I had to have NewspaperArchive… until this week.

My subscription price was $71.88 a year which is more than GenealogyBank charges, but like I said, it was worth it to me for this one newspaper. My subscription ran out and when I called to renew I found out that the price had gone up--a lot.  The price is now $99.95 for SIX MONTHS.  Using my handy dandy calculator I figured out that is a 178% increase in one year.  I asked them if they had any special deals for customers wanting to renew.  I was told no.  Needless to say, I didn’t renew.  My library system doesn’t have a subscription so I will just have to live without it.    What I will do is keep a list of things I need to look up and then maybe in 6 months I will sign up for one month and knock them all out at one time.  I can easily keep track of the ones I need to do in Legacy's To Do List.  If I didn’t have Legacy I would probably keep it on a special research log just for this purpose.

I didn’t have NewspaperArchive set to auto renew (thank goodness!).  I wanted to warn you that if you do have yours set to auto renew, and if you paid the cheaper price like I did, your bank account is about to take a big hit.

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  1. Wow! How can they get away with that?! Can you find what you need at Library of Congress' Chronicling America? I just got a GenealogyBank subscription and so far, so good. If Newspaper Archive is at an upcoming conference you intend to go to it might pay to make a little visit to their booth...

  2. I had so much trouble with NewspaperArchive, and thank goodness I don't have them today. I had cancelled and they kept charging me month after month after me having to tell them over and over again that I had cancelled. They just didn't want to let me go. It is so upsetting when you have the cancel number and they still won't end your subscription. I am now using the upgrade on for Fold3 and Newspapers and love both. It is well worth the monthly fee.

  3. Good for you Michele, for letting everyone know. I have never had a subscription to that service as I do have one to Genealogy Bank. While GB doesn't have all newspapers, they've certainly provided me with some great information.

  4. Last year I cancelled my subscription with them and went with Genealogy Bank instead. I have still been able to search and download one free article per day as long as I'm signed in. Why don't you try that and you might not have to pay for one month after all.

    1. I tried the free article thing a couple of days ago. I could see that the article was there but I couldn't actually look at it or download it. Obviously I was doing something wrong. I will try it again.

    2. 1. Login
      2. Search for an article and when you have found it, click on the link
      3. At the top red bar, navigate to "more tools" which looks like three short horizontal lines
      4. Click save and it will give option to save as a pdf or image file
      5. A round about way is to print it then scan it and save it as a jpg file which you can later upload to a free online website like or to convert it to a pdf file

    3. Thanks for taking the time to post this :)

  5. Thank you for your posting. Recommend visiting your local LDS Family History Center to see if you can find the newspaper information you need in their Premium sites. I make this recommendation as a non LDS member who volunteers weekly at a local Family History Center. I enjoy helping visitors with their genealogy, because I learn a lot by assisting others. If no one needs assistance, I do my own research using their free site and have really enjoyed access to the large newspaper collections. Note: If asked about Mormon faith, I respond that I'm very comfortable with my own faith and change the subject to a genealogy research topic.

  6. Worldvitalrecords has newspaper archive. I don't like the search interface but NA has a lot of papers I can't find elsewhere