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Potential problems

This is a Legacy specific post about the Potential Problems (PP) feature in Legacy.  I have some tips to make the Potential Problems work for you and not against you.  It can be a little frustrating when you see a lot of little red exclamation points.

Legacy Version 7.5 had the PP feature but with Version 8.0 you can now have Legacy check for PPs as soon as you enter a new piece of information.  An additional category of problems, Gaps, was also introduced.

To monitor the PPs go to
Options > Customize > 8. View
8.11 Monitor Potential Problems (ff)
Checkmark Show Potential Problems icons on Family and Pedigree View

The (ff) means that this option is Family File specific.  You will need to set this on each family file you want to monitor.

The next thing you need to do it go to Tools > Potential Problems and set your preferences.  You can skip the first tab, that is for when you want to run a report.  Look at the Warnings, Problems, Standardization and Gaps tabs.  Review the selections to see if there is anything you want to change.  Tweaking your parameters can make a world of difference. 

Here is another thing you will want to do to decrease the number of potential problems.  If you use any events that normally occur AFTER someone dies (Cemetery, Obituary are two common ones) you will want to exclude these from the Potential Problems checking GLOBALLY.  Go to View > Master Lists  > Event Definition.  Highlight the event and then click Edit over on the right.  At the top of this box you will see some checkmark boxes.  Make sure you check Exclude from Potential Problems Report.

Another thing that will cut down on PP errors is to globally sort your children and then tell Legacy to sort the children as you enter new ones (you can also do this for marriages and events but those two don't flag as potential problems)

To globally sort...  Go to Tools > Other Tools > Sort Children, Marriages, and Events.  Checkmark the ones you want to do and there you go.  Now we need to set it in the Options menu.  Go to:
Options > Customize > 2. Data Entry
2.2 When Adding New Spouses, Children, and Events (gbl)
Set your check marks here and now you are finished.

You also don’t want to let the PPs get out of control.  Address them as you see them.  You can easily mark a specific PP as “Not a Problem” once you have determined that everything is actually okay.  For example, if you have your PPs to alert anytime someone gets married under age 16 and you have the proof that the person married at 15 then mark this one not a problem and you won’t see it again.

To do this hover over the PP icon with your mouse cursor and the error box will pop up.  You can left click to view the details or right click to exclude this PP from further checking.    

To see all of your PPs at one time, you can run a PP report.  Go to Tools > Potential Problems.  This time you are going to look at the first tab, Records. I normally just use the first selection, Normal Check.  However, if I am working on the PP list from here, I will run the Only Records with Previous Errors option just so that I can watch my list shrink.  Once the list of PPs comes up, you can edit the people right from this screen. 


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