Monday, January 6, 2014

Rejection letter update

You can read the original rejection letter post HERE.  I received the death certificate in question today. The reason they couldn’t find it is because I had requested the death certificate of Theodosia (Spires) Davis.  Their index had Mrs. T. S. Davis.  I gave them the correct date of death and the correct county of death.  I guess it wasn’t obvious to them that T. S. Davis and Theodosia Spires Davis who died on the same day in the same county was in fact the same person.  (I am going to refrain from any further comment).  So how did I get it?  I wrote them back and gave them the death certificate number.  I figured that even they could find it that way.  

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  1. That happened to me once, too. I found Catherine Rose McFall in a San Diego newspaper obituary and requested the death certificate from the San Diego County Recorder's office. I spent $20 on this. I get a letter back saying they did not find the certificate. I wrote back stating I found her in the California Death Index, gave the death date, and certificate number. I also stated that I should not have to pay again for a search just because her first and middle names were switched as Rose C McFall. I got the certificate!