Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tagging in the Master Location List

Yesterday’s blog post was about how I use tagging in the To-Do List.  I also wanted to show you how I use it in the Master Location List (today) and in the Master Source List (tomorrow).  This tagging is completely separate from  “Advanced Tagging” (tags 1-9) which means you have even more tagging options.

In the Master Location List I use it to signify those locations where I have gone in and manual updated the short location.  I format my short locations differently than Legacy does so when I add a new location, I update the short location and then I tag is so I know that it has been done.  If I am in a hurry and don’t do this as soon as I enter the location, I can go back at any time and show just the untagged locations and then I update them all at once.  All screenshots taken from Legacy 8.0.

Here is what it looks like after I have added a location use the Geo Location Database:

Location 1


I go in and change the short location to read Wadley, Jefferson County, Georgia (I prefer it to read this way in printed reports).

Location 2

By the way, if you are curious what “Verified” means that is what you check once you have verified that the location listed plots out on the map correctly.  In other words, if Wadley shows up on the map with a pin in the correct location then you can click the Verified box (totally optional, it is just another tool to keep track of things).  If the location does not plot our correctly there are things you can do to fix it but that is another blog post.

Now on the Master Location List I will tag the location which tells me that I have edited this location.  You will notice that I checked tagged and I also checked verified because it is showing up on the map correctly.  It is a little difficult to see the checkmarks in the screenshot because I had to highlight Wadley so that you could see the map below.  The screenshots are from my test file so you can see that there are many locations that aren’t tagged or verified. My real file doesn’t look like this.

Location 3


I can run a report at any time for any locations that are not tagged to see if I missed any.  Sometimes I am in a hurry to add information to my file and I don’t change the short location right away.  The ones with no latitude/longitude are the ones that haven’t been verified yet.

Location 4

This is just another tool you can use to help keep your data organized.  You can use the tagging option for anything you like but I thought I would show you how I use it to keep all my locations uniform.

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  1. Michele - I have never used the tagging feature for my locations. Great idea. I also had wondered about the "verified" tag. What did that mean exactly? Now I know.