Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tagging in the Master Source List

In the Master Source List I do things a little differently.  Here I use the Verified box to mark those sources that I have doubled checked and confirmed that they are formatted correctly against Evidence Explained.  I rarely use the tagging option here but it is available to use if you need it.   All screenshots taken using Legacy 8.0.

Here is a screenshot from my personal file. 


You can see that all of the sources are verified.  I take the time to make sure everything is properly formatted as soon as I enter it because there is a shortcut you can use to add new master sources but you must be sure that that the source you are editing is correct or you have two incorrect sources.  For example, see how I have several Georgia counties where I already have sources for county level marriage books?  If I wanted to add Warren County to the list all I would have to do is highlight one of the other counties, click Edit, make a couple of changes and then select Apply the Changes to a New Copy of This Master Source.  You have to be VERY careful when you do this that you don’t accidentally overwrite your old source but this trick is a big time saver and it guarantees that all of the sources of the same type will be formatted the same way.

I would use a tag if I needed to take a look at a particular source and all of the people that are attached to that source (maybe if I was planning on making some formatting changes).  However, on this screen it is the verified box that I use more.

In three days I have shown you three screens that hold tags other than your standard 1-9 tags but there are even more.  ALL of your master lists screens have their own tags.   All of the address or location type lists as well as the Master Source List also have a verified option.  You also have 9 marriage tags you can work with.  Your regular 1-9 tags are what you will use during your searches to tag certain individuals and these tags are indispensible but don’t forget about the other tags that you have at your disposal that will help you keep your data organized.

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  1. Again, thanks Michele for enlightening me. The biggest thing I learned was about using a source you already have to create another. What a great idea. Why didn't I know that? I like my sources to be identical so this will help a lot.
    Happy hunting,

    1. Just be careful that you don't overwrite your old source! Make sure you tell Legacy to save it as a new one.

  2. Michelle,

    I want to let you know that your "Tagging" blog posts are listed in my Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!