Monday, January 27, 2014

Tagging in the To-Do list

Have you noticed that there is a tagging option available to you when you create a to-do item?  I am going to show you how I like to use this.  This tagging option is completely separate from “Advanced Tagging” (tags 1-9)  which means you have even more tagging options.  In Legacy’s To-Do list your tasks are marked either open or closed.  I like to further separate my open tasks into those things that I have started to work on but can’t close out yet, and those things I haven’t started on at all.  All screenshots taken from Legacy 8.0.

Here is an example of something I haven’t done yet.  I need to call the Chancery Court to find out if this list exists.  I have included the contact information but I haven’t actually made the call.  I leave the tagging option unchecked.

untagged todo

Here is an example of something that I have done but I am still waiting on an answer.  I submitted a photo request to Find A Grave but no one has volunteered to take the photo yet.  I want to be able to keep track of this so I have checked the tagging option.

tagged todo


I can now use the filters at the bottom of the To-Do List to sort my open tasks.  If I filter by untagged I can easily see what tasks I still need to do.  Make sure you select Apply Filter after you have made any changes in your filtering choices.

untagged list


If I set the filters to only show open tasks that are tagged, I can now see what I am still waiting on.  I can then decide whether not I need to send a second request for something.  I use this for letters and emails that I send out and things I have ordered.

tagged list


I love the To-Do list and it has really helped me keep my research on track.  Using the tagging option that is available is another tool you can use to stay organized.

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  1. Thank you so much for this...I did not even notice the tag check box. I LOVE the to do list!