Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Witnesses to events

Here is another great question from the Legacy Users Group e-mail list.  Do you add the witnesses, registrars, clerks, doctors etc. from documents to your database? (This was in reference to the Share Events feature in Legacy but it applies to how you handled documents/events in general).

Again, this is going to be personal preference. To share these events you will have to add the people involved to your database. If you are working in a very tight community and you do a lot of collateral research, this might not be a bad idea because these people are probably related somehow.   For example, in rural Mississippi where my family was there were only two doctors in the community for a 100 year time span (each one served about 50 years). Their names appear on death certificates and coroner's reports. It would be a good bet that they are hooked into my family some way and in fact they both are.  I can use these documents to follow their careers in time.  I also have a county clerk in Perry County whose name is on probably 60 marriage records of mine. He too happened to marry into the family so he is in my file.  I pretty much know the exact time he spent as the clerk based on the documents he signed.

As a general rule though, unless I suspect that they might be related, I just make a note of their name in the notes.

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