Saturday, February 1, 2014

A little contest

I finally finished scanning all of my death certificates.  It took a long time because not only did I scan them, I also reentered every single piece of information on them to make sure that I didn’t miss anything the first time around.  I have 23 years worth of death certificates.  So here is the question, how many death certificates do you think I have?  I only counted true death certificates.  I was actually scanning all the death records I have which also includes funeral cards and old newspaper clippings but I didn’t count those.

The person who guesses the closest to the actual number will get a prize.  The prize is, I will tell everyone that reads the blog how smart you are.  I will take guesses either as a comment on the blog, on Facebook or by email.  I will close the contest on Friday, 07 Feb 2014. 

The next records set I am going to tackle are my marriage records.  I have a lot of those too but they contain less information so they will be quicker to enter.

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