Thursday, March 13, 2014

As of 7:00 am this morning…

… I had ZERO emails in my inbox and ZERO emails in any of the email folders!  I completely cleaned out EVERYTHING yesterday (and it took me most of the day).  This morning I only had a few to deal with and my boxes were completely empty by 7:00 am.

That might not sound like a major feat but for me it is.  I get well over 100 emails a day and a lot of those actually require me to do something.  It is easy to shove them into a folder and tell myself that I will deal with it later.  I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator anyway. 

Yesterday was a good day all the way around.  I cleaned off my desk, tackled my To-Do List in Legacy, purged some things out of EverNote, scanned a stack of documents and sent a few letters I needed to get out to some repositories. 

It is very easy to let things pile up when you are a genealogist/family researcher.  It can get very frustrating.  I have started dedicating one day a week to nothing but catching up on outstanding tasks and to do some genealogical “decluttering.”  I picked Wednesdays because on Wednesdays I take my daughter Kaitlyn out to eat and then for a little shopping.  She is married, in school and works so she stays very busy but on Wednesday afternoons/evenings she is free so we can spend some time together just the two of us.  I don’t like to get involved in a major genealogy project on Wednesdays because then it is hard for me to put it down.  Doing “clean up” is the perfect project for this day.  By the time Kaitlyn gets to my house I am ready to go.


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  1. Great idea!
    FYI - Last week I sent a picture request to FindaGrave (instructions in one of your posts). Yesterday I got the picture! Keep up the good work for all of us beginners out here.
    Do you accept friend requests on facebook? Cheryl

    1. You betcha. My name on Facebook is Michele Simmons Lewis.

  2. Way to go Michele! Like you I am a procrastinator. My recent clean up project in the office closet and the office itself, has given me a new lease on life. I feel so free when I sit at my desk. Glad you are getting it done. You're ahead of me on emails though. I have 4 accounts. Three of them are cleaned out all the time. Let's not discuss the other one (my genealogy email account).