Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Ancestors, Our Stories


I am very excited to tell you about a new book coming out that will be of particular interest to those living here in the CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) called,  Our Ancestors, Our Stories written by “The Memory Keepers.”   Here is a synopsis taken from the book’s website:

“Our Ancestors, Our Stories book narratives shares invaluable lessons learned and important research by The Memory Keepers.

Harris Bailey Jr., in "This Place Known as Edgefield," sets out the historical context of Edgefield where the stories of the four families are set. He examines the political, economic, social, intellectual, and cultural context of historic Edgefield.

Bernice Alexander Bennett, in "Finding My South Carolina Kin," unravels the mystery of her South Carolina heritage, which resulted in a union with relatives she never knew, as well as the slaveholder's descendant of her 3rd great-grandfather and mother.

Ellen LeVonne Butler, in "A Journey to Find My Butler Ancestors," confirms her family's oral history passed down from her grandparents, and she identifies the white families that enslaved her ancestors.

Ethel Dailey, in "The Journey Has Just Begun," vividly tells of her personal journey in researching her Edgefield ancestors.

Vincent Sheppard, in "On Behalf of the Ancestral Spirits," traces a journey from conversations with his parents, family members, and friends of the family in his community. He finds hundreds of maternal descendants of his great-great-grandfather's siblings as well as the offspring of his 3rd great-grandmother's twin sister.

My husband has several family lines in Edgefield County and it is one of my favorite places to do research.  The Old Edgefield District is very rich in history.  Any genealogist that has ties to this area should get this book.

I have “known” Bernice Bennett for some time now I was finally privileged to meet her at the Southern Showcase in Edgefield, South Carolina on September 20-21, 2013.  You can see a photo of Bernice and I together as well as a synopsis of the class she taught by going to Thank you, Edgefield Part II and scrolling down to Day 1- Session 3.

You can visit the Our Ancestors, Our Stories website for more information.  They also have a Facebook Page that you can like.

Bernice will be in Edgefield at the Thompkins Library in Edgefield on 27 April 2014 for a book signing.  The library is located at 104 Courthouse Square, you can’t miss it.  I am planning to be there to get my book signed and to show my support for Bernice. 


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