Sunday, April 27, 2014

I promised you a picture


I did say I would post a picture of one of the fish I caught so here it is.  This would be a very ambitious large mouth bass who struck a bait almost as big as he was. 

Believe it or not, I really do things other than genealogy research.  I have had several people ask me what my hobbies are and since I have a picture of one of the things I do I thought I would mention some others.

I love to read.  I like historical fiction as well as non fiction biographies and how-to type books.  I am also a fan of some Sci-Fi novels.  I read classic poetry from time to time. 

I play the clarinet and the guitar and I am learning how to play the piano. 

I like to crochet and I am capable of knitting though I prefer to crochet.  I have always been intimidated by learning how to knit socks but one of my son-in-law’s mother gave me a bag of the most beautiful sock yarn I have ever seen so I am now more motivated.

I love to go hiking and camping though with the kids going off in all directions we haven’t been doing this near as much.  I really like when we take a big picnic lunch with us.  The promise of food seems to make the kids more willing to rearrange their schedules.

I love to cook and bake but again, with everyone going off in different directions I do a lot less of the big cooking and baking.  These days it is more quick meals on the go. 

So, I am actually a pretty normal person even though I look for dead people for a living.


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  1. Socks are easy. There's just the heel turning thing where it gets different but it's all in the instructions. I found it a thankless task though considering the ones I buy now last around 15 years.

    1. Everyone who already knows how to knit socks thinks its easy! Remember, I am a CROCHETER! I am a little dense when it comes to knitting instructions :) I do have a DVD. I am hoping that if I can SEE how someone does it, it will make more sense. Billy's mother lives too far away for me to hang out with her when she is making socks.

    2. I'm not like one of those super-knitters or anything. I made a lot of socks and sweaters back in the day but I haven't done it for a long time. There's basics, like combine two stitches or pull this stitch over that stitch or something. Heels look complicated but honest, they're not. I tried crocheting several times and could never get the hang of it.

  2. I also prefer to crochet but do knit. I found a pattern for a pair of pedicure socks and thought I would make them for me and my friends for Christmas. Made myself a pair and decided it was too much work, although not difficult, to make any more. But, I really like them. Keep my feet warm in the winter when I do my toe nails.

    1. Pedicure socks! My girls would LOVE these!