Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What am I doing with my DNA matches?

I tested my Simmons yDNA (thank you Uncle Leonard for your contribution).  I have 2 matches.  Both are 66/67 matches which is very exciting.  The two matches are 67/67 to each other.  I have contacted both contributors and they are at a brick wall with their end line ancestors just as I am. 

My ancestor is James Simmons of South Carolina, born 14 Aug 1764.  Here are the matches:

Joseph Simmons of Richmond County, Virginia, born 22 Dec 1755
William Simmons of ?  born abt 1780

I think this is very promising.  Two of my James’ known children were born in South Carolina but that doesn’t mean James was.  I am excited about the possible Virginia connection.


I also tested my husband’s Lewis yDNA. I have 3 matches.  One is a 36/37 match, one is a 65/67 match and the third is a 63/67 match.  This still isn’t too shabby especially when you see WHERE these end line ancestors are from compared to mine.

My person of interest is John Lewis born 14 Feb 1801 in North Carolina (earliest known record is in Wayne County). The three matches are:

Elkanah Lewis of Surry County, North Carolina born abt 1740
Gilbert Lewis born abt. 1795 in North Carolina
Howell Lewis born abt. 1779 in North Carolina


I have added all 5 of these men to my database and I will research them just like I research anyone else.  Eventually I will figure out the connection.   


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  1. Michelle,
    This is awesome. Are you testing with Ancestry or Family Tree(FTDNA)?


    1. The yDNA tests are through FTDNA. I do have autosomal DNA at Ancestry as well as 23andMe and FTDNA.