Saturday, April 26, 2014

Who knew that Ignatius’ wife Catherine was this popular!

In my blog post, A marriage, a divorce petition, and the Mississippi High Court of Errors and Appeals, I mentioned the divorce of Ignatius Grantham and his wife Catherine Sheffield.   THREE different people emailed me about this couple  Apparently Catherine went on to marry William Christopher Seaman and they were the proud parents of many descendants, three of whom read this blog. (At this point I am taking their word for this second marriage since I don’t have a marriage license/certificate to back it up). 

Just to give everyone an update, I haven’t received the case file from the Mississippi Department of History and Archives (MDAH) yet but they have acknowledged receipt of my request without any mention of not being able to comply which is a good thing.

I haven’t heard back from the Marion County Chancery Court but that doesn’t surprise me.  The Marion County CIRCUIT Court is the BEST when it comes to being cooperative with records.  Unfortunately, the Chancery Court isn’t quite as easy to work with.  Usually they ignore my requests until I send the 3rd or 4th letter and then they answer me just to get me off their back.  I don’t expect to get anything from them for quite some time.  I haven’t even sent the second letter yet.

Blog reader Ricky very kindly copied the article I needed from the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.  He actually copied two articles because the one I needed was  a continuation of an earlier article in a previous edition.  Now I have a list of deeds I need to get.  Some of them are from Robeson County, North Carolina which happens to be one of my favorite counties because their Register of Deeds has images of all of the early deeds online so they will be no problem to get (as soon as I have time).  The rest are from Wayne County, Georgia.  I will get those from microfilm.

And so the case plods along.


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