Friday, April 25, 2014

Would you have missed this?

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Here is an image of a marriage license from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania courtesy of FamilySearch:

Clarence C. Weitershausen and Esther M. Bastecki,  07 Dec 1950

If you pulled this marriage license up what you would do next?  I am guessing you would save the image to your computer and extract all the data but is there anything else?

You might want to click on to the next image, and the next, and the next, and the next.  Why?  Because Clarence’s divorce to his first wife happens to be attached to this marriage license as is the marriage certificate to Esther.  If you stopped when you found this marriage license you would have missed quite a lot.

Here is what the actual search showed:


There is no real clue that there might be more than just this one page so you always want to click the next image just to see what is there.  Actually, there is a minor little clue.  When you click on the above View Document link, what you see is the cover document for the marriage license.  I had to click to the next image to see the license itself.  This sort of cover document is very common and it usually means that this a file with several documents.

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  1. Allegheny County is especially rich in multiple pages for couples in this collection. (Erie, too). Also check the previous image as well, as the earlier indexing was not consistent in linking to the first image. More recently, indexers have been creating an index page for every image, so the event date may not always be the marriage date, and it may not be labelled correctly (could be license date or filing date).

    1. Good advice. I am not familiar with this record set so I don't know all of its idiosyncrasies :) This was found by one of my ProGen compatriots. She was actually linking to the record to make a completely different point and then stole it to use to make this point (with her permission).