Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You just never know where you will find something!

King George II (1683-1760)There is a set of books published by the Georgia Secretary of State and Surveyor General’s Office that has all of the English Crown Grants (1755-1775).   Digital copies of these books are online save two.  I ordered the two that aren’t online via interlibrary loan.  The ones I actually need are online but I don’t like to miss anything so I wanted to be able to say that I had looked at ALL of the English Crown Grants.

I received the English Crown Grants for the Islands in Georgia 1775-1775 yesterday.  The book isn’t indexed so I read through the grants one at a time.  I had no reason whatsoever to think I would see any name that was familiar to me.  As far as I knew, I had no one in the Islands of Georgia pre-Revolutionary War.  When I got to page 38 I got a little surprise.
King George II (1683-1760)


Samuel Lyon
50 acres in Christ Church Parish
Granted 02 Oct 1759
Grant Book B, page 299

50 acres on Skidoway Island bounded on the north by land of Inigo Jones, east by marshes, south by land of Thomas Beckett and west by the Back River of Skidoway Island.

Oh my. 

My 5th great-grandfather was Samuel Lyon(s) born abt. 1749 in Georgia.  His father was Samuel Lyon and I have no further information on him.  This entry looks suspiciously like the person I am looking for.  This entry caught me completely off guard.  I haven’t working on this line in a very long time and I think I just got the incentive to reopen the case.


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