Thursday, May 29, 2014

Charlotta Part III

I heard back from Julia and I have my answer.  It was right in front of me the entire time!  Remember that I told you that the individual entries in the compiled genealogy and narratives in the book were not sourced but that there were photocopies of A LOT of old documents in the book and that is why I liked the book so much.  I overlooked one of the documents.  In my defense this isn’t a small book.  It is a large format book with 613 numbered pages and a supplement.  I say numbered pages because the pages that include the documents are not numbered which greatly increases the size of the book.

So what did I miss?  BIBLE RECORDS!  The dates came from Charlotta’s son-in-law and daughter’s Bible which is in the McMichael section on the book which is another reason I overlooked it.  Charlotta’s daughter Mary married John David McMichael.   Charlotta’s birth and death date are recorded in their Bible.   Photocopies of the actual Bible pages are in the book.

So what does this all mean?  

1) I now have a good source for Charlotta’s birth and death date. 

2) The location of Charlotta’s burial is still uncertain.  Julia told me that the town was quarantined for typhoid which I will follow that up by searching the newspaper.  I think this will make for very interesting background information and would give evidence that Charlotta may have died of typhoid if it is in the same time period.  It is pretty likely that Charlotta’s grave is unmarked.

3) Apparently someone used Julia’s book for Charlotta’s information and put it up on without naming it as their source and then others just copied it over and over again.   The book (nor anything else) was not used as a source for any of the entries that I checked.

4) I now have sourced birth and death dates for my DAR application.  I could have simply estimated Charlotta’s birth and death dates using the information that I did have.  The DAR is more concerned with me proving the relationships than it is me proving the exact dates.  However, I knew that there had to have a basis for these exact dates and that is why I wanted to solve this mystery. 


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