Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting involved

A blog reader posted a comment on one of my posts and also emailed me about a local issue (Harlem, Georgia).  The city of Harlem wants to tear down an old house with a lot of history.  This building was a private home owned by the local undertaker who would board Augustans during the summer when they vacationed in Harlem to get away from the city.  This was around the turn of the century. 

Community members would like the building to be restored and possibly used as a visitors center, historical museum, art center, meeting house etc.  This house is right next door to the Columbia Theater which is currently being restored.  The city of Harlem owns the house and wants to tear it down.  I don’t know yet what they want to do with the property.

There is a public hearing on May 31st.  The person that sent me this information has been trying to do a house history to present at the meeting.  For more information about house histories you can read my blog post on Researching the “genealogy” of a house.

The Columbia County Historical Society and the Columbia County Genealogical Society have both been notified.  I will be attending the meeting to find out exactly what is going on.  The house itself is in pretty bad condition and the cost of restoring it might be cost prohibitive for the city,  however, the Historical Society might be able to get some sort of grant since this house would be eligible for inclusion on the Georgia Historical Register.  This is the sort of thing that historical societies do.

Unless more people get involved in issues like this our history will be torn down bit by bit. 

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