Friday, May 23, 2014

Hidden treasures

Mathew Robert Patton was in the 22nd Regiment of the Alabama Infantry during the Civil War.  If you check the index at Fold3, you will not find Mathew (M. R.) Patton.  If you check on the National Park Service’s Soldiers and Sailors Database you won’t find Mathew there either.  I found him totally by accident.  His compiled service record cards were in the middle of the cards for James R. Patton and had not been indexed.  Mathew was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh (Hardin County, Tennessee).  The wounded were transported to the Confederate hospital in Gainesville, Alabama.  There are 250 people buried in the Confederate Cemetery there, including Mathew. 

Patton, Mathew 1822-01

Patton, Mathew 1822-02

Patton, Mathew 1822-03


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