Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ignatius Part IV (I have the documents!)

Part I – A marriage, a divorce petition and the Mississippi High Court of Appeals
Part II – Who knew that Ignatius’ wife Catherine was this popular!
Part III – Latest update for Ignatius and Catherine Grantham

Grantham, Ignatius and Catherine Sheffield divorce 1825-01

I received the documents from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History yesterday.  There are seventeen pages so I am still scanning and reading.  I will give you the nutshell version tomorrow.  If you are related to this couple let me know and I will send you the scanned images.  I already have a couple of people that have requested them.


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  1. hi Michele,
    I am related to this couple, through my mothers side;
    William Christopher Seaman and supposedly Catherine Grantham, through Williams daughter Julia Jane Seaman.

    I however do not believe Catherine is the mother of Julia,
    as Julia was born in 1820, and Catherine didn't marry William until 1828.
    William had additionally, three other children (that i can find), which were also born before 1828.
    W C Seaman Jr. b 1823 - 1850
    Nancy Ann Seaman - 1826-1853
    Malinda Tison Seaman - 1827- 1890

    Although, as Catherine remained with Ignatius only until 1819 (or there about per your notes) it is a possibility that William could have fathered Julia with Catherine, but i highly doubt it, seeing as Catherine (through your findings) divorced Ignatius for being unfaithful. Seems unlikely that Catherine would have turned then and
    acted in the same fashion with William as Ignacious did with Lavinia Grantham.
    Much less, then gone on to bare 3 more children out of wedlock! But who knows!
    I need to do some research to see if i can find who this Lavinia Grantham was.
    Seems somewhere in the back of my mind, i've seen that name ............

    Anyway, I would love a copy of the documents you've found if you are still willing to share.
    my email address is

    Best regards, and good luck on your continuing research,
    Laurie Sutton,
    daughter of Janice Darby
    granddaughter of Nolia Gilley
    great granddaughter of Elizabeth Burnett
    gg granddaughter of Julia Jane Seaman - (father being William Christopher Seaman)

    1. Very interesting! The documents are on their way to your email address :)