Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update on Charlotta

I received several great suggestions on further research here on the blog, via email and on Facebook and I have followed them up.  One of the most interesting was a recommendation to check the book The Millers of Sand Mountain by Julia Ann Crum Benoit.  I actually have this book.  I didn’t check it because specific information in the book is not sourced, however, Julia included copies of some old civil war letters that you won’t see anywhere else as well as copies of plenty of old documents which is why I like the book.    I pulled out the book and read everything she had to say about Charlotta just to see if maybe I had missed something.   I have a feeling that the information found on came from this book.  Here is a quote. 

“She [Charlotta] continued to live with them until both she and Mary Elizabeth contracted typhoid fever as they traveled from Waynesboro, Mississippi to make their new home in Purvis, Mississippi.  Mary Elizabeth Patton McMichael is believed to have been buried at Palmer’s Crossing Cemetery (now extinct), near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  It is thought that Charlotta Patton Miller was buried there also.”

She records Charlotta’s vitals as born 24 August 1825 in Georgia, died 25 July 1902 in Forrest County, Mississippi [Forrest County was not formed until 1906 so this would have been Perry County], buried Palmer’s Crossing Cemetery, Forrest County, Mississippi.

So my next move is to contact Julia. 


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  1. Our genealogy society has a copy of "The Millers of Sand Mountain" available for research in situ. Our society is NorthEast Alabama Genealogical Society ( The site has the address, etc. for our library. We own the building where Nichols Library is housed. The building was the first library in the state of Alabama & is a beautiful place to research.

  2. What is the Miller's of sand mountain? Charlotta is one of my grandmothers.Does anyone know her nationality? Please, email me at

    1. The Millers of Sand Mountain is a book that Julia Benoit wrote.