Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday – the day before

This is my first blog post in over a week and I am happy to report that I got everything done that I needed to.  I am leaving for Birmingham in the morning to attend IGHR 2014.  I am all packed and ready to go.  Besides my clothes and bedding for the dorms, I have my laptop as well as the required books for Tom Jones’ Writing and Publishing for Genealogists course not to mention a few snacks for when I am staying up late working on the homework.

There were three writing assignments we had to do ahead of time.  One is a 500 word writing sample and the other two are articles we had to read and analyze to include drawing out the familial connections (I used Legacy to help me with that, big surprise).

I am hoping to get a blog post out every night with some pictures but I will probably not spend time on Facebook or answer any non urgent emails.


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