Monday, July 7, 2014

A hunting we will go

I love all things history not just genealogy.  I went to an estate sale on Saturday and came away with some treasures. The owner is a friend of mine from church and she allowed me to come take a look and make some offers before she officially puts everything up for sale.  The items were inside an old two-room, pre Civil War house.  The owner’s husband recently died.  The house was build by her husband’s 3rd great-grandparents and sits on 120 acres in a rural part of Warren County.  The old house has been sitting unused for many years now.  Because of the Georgia climate the things in this old wooden house weren’t in the best of shape but I still walked away with some nifty things. 

  • Two steamer trunks circa 1910s that will need quite a bit of work.  The hardware is intact though the leather handles are gone.
  • Seven quilts.  Best guess 1880s-1920s.  They are in decent shape though dirty.  I will have to make some minor repairs before trying to clean them.
  • Small hall table, probably 1910s-1920s, decent condition, will need some work.
  • Handmade chair, probably 1920s-1930s, decent condition, will need some work.  There was another chair that was really cool that had an animal skin seat but it was in poor condition and I wasn’t real keen in trying to tan my own leather to get it back authentic.  This one would easily date back to 1880-1890, possibly earlier.
  • Old kerosene lamp, plain farm style.  Glass is heavy and in good condition.  Brass needs to be cleaned up.  Difficult to date but I would guess 1890-1920.
  • Old blue ball jar with the bale intact though the bale is rusted.  The style of the logo on the jar puts it at 1910-1923.
  • A brownie camera circa 1920s, with film still in it!  This one was for one of my daughters.
  • A butter churn (stoneware) with the wood top and dasher intact.  This one is a bit of a mystery.  It looks authentic but I am not 100% sure.  I will need to have someone look at this one.  If it is authentic it is very old, early 1800s.  It is hard for me to believe that a reproduction would be in a mid 1800s house when there are plenty of antiques in the house.  If it is a reproduction it is the best one I have ever seen.  The only reason I hesitate is because this piece would be the oldest thing in the house and it predates the house by about 50 years. 

One thing I didn’t get that I really wanted was an old “slave bell.”  This is a large cast iron bell that was hung in the yard to call the slaves back in from the fields.  With the hanger/hardware (all intact) it weighs close to 80 pounds.  This one dates to the 1840s-1850s.  It is rusty but in decent shape.  The owner isn’t real keen on parting with it but we are still talking about it. 

An added bonus is that the owner allowed us to pick her blueberries, plums and apples.  We had fresh blueberry muffins this morning.


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  1. Very cool and very interesting. Would have loved to walk through the house.