Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I gave you a list of the subscription sites I use and now I want to show you the freebie sites I frequent.  These are just the the websites that help me with my research and not those for continuing education.  I have them in alphabetical order because it would be hard for me to rank them.  I am also only listing those websites of a general nature.  There are many great state and county specific websites out there so it would depend on where your research is.  For example, many of the state archives have indexes and digital images of some of their holdings and some county clerks are also putting indexes and images on line.

My #1 freebie site is FamilySearch.  I am setting this one apart because of how important it is to me.  I am on FamilySearch everyday.  New records are being added all the time thanks to the wonderful indexing volunteers. 


If you have any other favorite websites of a general nature (not state or county specific) you can add them to the comments.


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  1. One free tool that I often use is, I find this website very useful for comparing DNA from all three major DNA sites.
    A second resource is the public library in the locale that you are researching. Many of the libraries will do genealogy lookup and email you the results.

    1. Excellent! I am registered with GEDmatch myself. I didn't even think of this one.