Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fun with census records

Do you ever search the census records to see if you can find famous people?  I love to do this.  I am way too lazy this morning to craft full citations so I am just linking to the images on FamilySearch.


Laura (Ingalls) Wilder, 1880 Federal Census, De Smet, Kingsbury, Dakota Territory



Abraham Lincoln, 1850 Federal Census, Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois



 Ernest Hemmingway, 1910 census, Oak Park, Cook, Illinois



Errol Flynn, 1940, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California



John Hancock, 1790, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts



And last, but not least, Lizzie Borden, 1880, Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts
This one is interesting because you can see Lizzie’s father Andrew and her stepmother Abby, the two people Lizzie was accused of killing. 



I could do this all day Smile


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  1. I love your examples! Abt. 20 years ago we had a Laura Ingalls Wilder vacation. We went to her home in Mansfield, MO, on up to DeSmet, (saw the house Pa built, the surveyor's house, Silver Lake, the homestead site, graves in the cemetery), on to Walnut Grove (ate our lunch on the banks of Plum Creek) and then on Pepin, WI. We didn't make it to the site in Kansas. Laura's books are a wonderful history of the settlement of our country.
    Also, I love reading the census pages from my home county. In the later census years, I can see the scenery and houses as I mentally ride down the census pages.