Monday, July 14, 2014

Google is your friend

On Sunday I watched the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina.  German won which made me very happy.  While watching the match I remembered that my great-uncle Hermann Froitzheim played football (soccer) with 1 FC Köln back in the 1950s.  I wondered if maybe there was an old roster or something with his name on it so I did a Google search.  What I found was unexpected.  I actually got a Find A Grave hit.  Normally I wouldn’t think this odd but Hermann is buried in Germany and there are precious few cemeteries outside of the United States up on Find A Grave.  I never even thought to search for Hermann (or any of my other relatives for that matter) on Find A Grave.  Genealogy isn’t as big in Germany as it is here so you don’t have a slew of people running out to take grave photos.  Also, grave space is only rented in Germany.  After a period of time (20 years or so) the family must pay a fee to keep the space or the plot is reused.  Because of this it is very important that graves in Germany get recorded on Find A Grave or in some other way such as in a cemetery survey book.  I hope genealogy becomes more popular in Germany so that these graves get recorded before they are lost.

I never did find any old rosters from 1 FC Köln so I have emailed the team asking them if they have any old records of past team members.


Froitzheim, Hermann 1982Copyright © 2009 Adrienne Kiellor-Edwards, used with permission


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