Sunday, July 20, 2014

New website you might like

I was contacted by Garret Fractolin who wanted me to take a look at his website and maybe promote his site on the blog.  I always get a little skeptical when I get email messages like this but I pulled up the website to take a look. 


Garret has assembled the contact information for all of the county clerk offices in the US.  There are a lot of ads on this page which I assume Garret had to do to make all of his work worthwhile, other than that, the site looks pretty good.  I checked a few of the county clerks that I know by heart and the information is correct.

I did see some typos but I still think it is a good catch all website. One thing that he is missing is that many counties have separate courts for different types of records and those courts could have different addresses and phone numbers. At least if someone were to contact the listed clerk’s office they would in turn refer the person to the correct court. I have already sent Garret a list of possible improvements. Since this is a fairly new site I am sure he is still tweaking.


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  1. The information for St. Louis Missouri is extremely incorrect.

    It says St. Louis County, the address is in St. Louis City (which is a separate county onto itself, so there should be two entries), the address is for the St. Louis City Board of Elections - not a court - the telephone number according to Google is for the clerk in Wright County MO, 200 miles away, and the name of the person listed is a former St. Louis City Election Director, which explains the address, but doesn't appear to currently hold any position in the government.

    When I checked Wright County - the phone number provided there, according to Google, is actually for the Worth County Missouri clerk.

    The phone number provided for Worth County is for Webster County.

    The phone number provided for Webster County is for Wayne County

    I wonder if the database for the entire state of Missouri is messed up.

    1. Thanks for the info, John. I will pass this on to Garret.

    2. Dear Michele:

      For whatever it's worth:

      I work in a library and we recently received an e-mail promoting But I was immediately suspicious when I happened to notice that the links in the e-mail actually led first to a click-tracking service provided by, which is a transactional e-mail platform (please see the Wikipedia entry for "transactional e-mails": ). I feel that having my mouse clicks surreptitiously recorded is rather underhanded and sleazy.

      This e-mail was not from "Garret Fractolin," but from a woman who, just as Garret posted on Renee's Genealogy Blog, said how she was inspired to the create county-clerks site after visiting the LDS library is Salt Lake City this past winter (Page of Renee's Genealogy Blog: The woman asked us to add a link to the site on our own website.

      I did an extensive search for the woman's name and came up with nothing at all: no presence online, nor in the "real world." In fact, apparently no one in the entire country has her surname. (I see that "Garret Fractolin" at least has a web presence... all promoting county-clerks.) The woman did include her postal address in the e-mail, though. Except that it just so happened to be the address of the county courthouse in a particular state (where the County Clerk's office is, of course. Cute.).

      The county-clerks site was previously registered by a proxy company so personal information about who actually owned the site was not available. But its hosting was just changed today, so if you go to the WhoIs page for ( and search for the site, you'll find the name of the person the site belongs to. You may want to search online for that person's name, perhaps along with the words internet marketing.

      I don't know why all the deception is necessary. It seems like a counter-productive waste of time. Why not present the site honestly, in a spirit of goodwill? Click-tracking and e-mails from fake people is a real turn-off, and drives away people who otherwise may have had an interest in the site. (Ahem.)

      In any case, my opinion is that the contents of the site--or what it's aiming for--would have made a nice reference volume in the pre-internet days. But now finding a county clerk's contact information--current and correct information at that--is rather simple. (It's knowing whether the county clerk is actually the person you need to contact that's difficult!)

      I'm afraid that I prefer to remain anonymous so, of course, please take what I've written in whatever way suits you.

      Thank you for reading.

  2. Michele and John - Thanks for the improvement suggestions. One man team over here! Adding a ton of more data in the next few weeks. Want to make this the most thorough site out there. If you have any other suggestions, please pass them my way @ or use the contact form on thanks :-)

  3. Just a quick glace of 3 counties and I noticed that he has the information for Ellis County, Texas and El Paso County, Texas switched.

  4. Michele,

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today’s Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I have been on a roll lately :) :) :) :) Thanks again!