Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Transcript (the program)

Here is a program that you might like, Transcript 2.4 (current build) from Jacob G. Boerema.  This is nice piece of software that will help you with your document transcriptions.  You ARE transcribing everything, right? There is a free version as well as an upgraded Pro version which has some nice extra features.  The program allows you to type the transcription directly below the image which saves you from having to flip back and forth.  Even if you have two monitors as I do you can lose your place when you keep switching your eyes between the two screens.  One thing I really like is that the program automatically moves the image for you as you are typing.  Here is a screenshot.


You can change the zoom on the image and the type to get everything the perfect size to make it easy on your eyes.  This program is a real timesaver. 


Copyright © 2014 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. Thanks for posting this! I work with this program as well and can highly recommend it! It does make things much faster and it is much more "relaxing" for the eyes.

    1. It is a simple program to use and so useful!