Friday, September 5, 2014

Getting the most out of FamilySearch–Family Booklet

All screenshots taken from the FamilySearch website

There are a couple more things I want to point out on the FamilySearch website before we get into Family Tree and Memories (they go together).  The first one is the Family Booklet.  The link for this one is in a little different place.

FB 1


FamilySearch wants to help you preserve all of the old stories you know that have been passed down through your family.  Recording these stories is so important because if you don’t do it they will be lost forever. 


FB 2

The Online version is more for yourself (you will be the anchor person).  If you do use the online version you can pull people in from Family Tree which makes the data entry a lot faster. You can also order paper booklets ($1.00 each) or print off the website (free).  These booklets are just perfect to pass out to family members to fill out and return. There are check sheets built into the booklets to make sure you remember to upload the information.  I would order the paper copies (as opposed to printing them online) and then pass the booklets out at your next family reunion.  Make sure that the people you are collecting data from understand that you plan on adding this information to Family Tree.  You should have permission from anyone that is living even though living people are totally private on Family Tree (only the person that added the living person can see this person online). 

When someone is kind enough to provide me with information, I use Legacy to print out easy understand pedigree charts and reports for them so that they have a record of their lineage.  Everyone I have done this for has always been appreciative. 


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  1. Thank you for reminding people that one very important goal is to share family information in a form that folks can appreciate and, very important, still read 50 years from now! Paper booklets on various branches of our family tree can be shared so easily, either by snail mail or by email with pdf files.

    I hope that people learn about how to create reports with their software as soon as they a new software or upgrade.