Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting the most out of FamilySearch–Family Tree (part 2)

Yesterday I talked about how important it is to learn the proper way to use Family Tree so today I want to show you all of the training materials that are available.  This is in two parts.  The first part includes resources for using Family Tree on the website itself and the second part are resources to learn how to use the Family Tree interface within Legacy.  Legacy is one of only three database programs that can directly interface with Family Tree.  Even if you are going to access Family Tree using Legacy you really need to go to through the training for the website itself.   There are still some things you can’t do through Legacy (or the other two programs) and you will have to do these things on the website.   Family Search is in full control of what the database programs can do and what they can’t do.  FamilySearch approves features one at a time so these programs do not have full functionality yet, however, you can do most tasks through the interface.

FamilySearch Training

  • Family Tree Videos – Here are some really great videos on every possible task you can do in Family Tree. Scroll through the list because the order they are on this list isn’t necessarily the order you will want to watch them. 
  • Family Tree Help Page – Make sure you read the FAQ, What’s New, Tips and Tricks and Other Resources.  The Learning Center Video Courses only lists 5 videos and in the link above I have listed all of them.
  • PDF Handouts – This set of handouts is the best.  Each one walks you through the common tasks and the have wonderful graphics showing you what every single item on a screen is and does.  The PDFs you need are under the Family Tree section.

Legacy Training

Please take the time to learn how to use Family Tree the right way.  Not only will this help you but it will help everyone else using Family Tree.  Please don’t be one of those people others have to clean up after.


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  1. I put a lot of info on Family Tree about my daughter in law's family. One female ancestor had married 3 times and had 9 children total, some born before the last marriage. I documented each marriage and church christening dates for each child, which named the father and mother, plus census records, tax records. Some other descendant removed the children born from the last 2 marriages and totally messed up the tree. Very discouraging.

    1. The best way to keep people from doing this is to have everything sourced. However, there will always be people out there that will either unintentionally or even intentionally change things that shouldn't be changed. You can appeal to FamilySearch and they will investigate it.