Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting the most out of FamilySearch–Memories

All screenshots taken from the FamilySearch website

We are going to take a bit of a detour and discuss the Memories section before we go back to Family Tree.  The Memories section works with Family Tree.


You can add photos, stories, and documents to your ancestors directly in Family Tree but so can everyone else.  If you only want to see what you have personally added you will go to the Memories section.  Memories pulls all of these things out of Family Tree so that they are easier to see.  If you go to People, that will show you a list of people to whom you have added photos, stories and documents to.  Albums allows you to group your photos.  The Find link is simply a search engine to search everything in Memories.

There is one really cool thing you can do in Memories and that is batch upload.   Let’s say you just scanned 20 death certificates.  I could go into Family Tree and pull up each person one at a time and then attach the correct death certificate OR I could batch upload all 20 at one time in the Memories section.  After the upload FamilySearch will ask you who each photo/document belongs to and it is easy to assign each one to the right person.  It is much quicker doing it this way.


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