Monday, October 27, 2014

I’m back. So what have I been doing?

I am back on the blog after two weeks. So what all have I been doing in that time?

1) I mentioned before that I am now updating Legacy’s Research Guidance with every Legacy update. We released an update on 19 Oct 2014 and that update had 164 new sources in it as well as many broken link fixes. I am already working on the next update. I hope to have at least 300 new sources in that one. If any of the Legacy users out there would like to see a particular source added, send me an email at and put RESEARCH GUIDANCE in the subject line. If you come across any broken links please let me know. There are well over 22,000 sources in the Research Guidance already and there is no automatic way for me to find broken links.

2) I dejunked and cleaned my entire office area. I do much better working on genealogical projects when my work space is neat and organized. I had let things go a bit so this was a pretty big project. The cool, fall weather put me in the right mood.

3) I am working on a complex adoption case. I like adoption cases but they can be sticky. This one is a reverse adoption case. It isn’t the adoptee that is searching but rather one of the adoptee’s birth family members. This one requires that I interview people for more information. So far the interviews have gone well but there is always the chance I might contact someone that doesn’t want to be contacted. I have DNA cooking on this one but so far the DNA hasn’t been helpful. It appears that neither the adoptee nor any of the adoptee’s children have tested. At the point I don’t even know if the adoptee knows that he/she was adopted.

4) Another interesting one I am working on is where a wife ran off with another man leaving her husband and three young children behind (this was in 1926). Shortly after this the husband died. Two of the children were placed in an orphanage and the other one was taken in by a paternal aunt. All three children are now dead. Between the three children they only had three children of their own. I have spoken with all three and they have no information. I knew more about the case then they did. The research question is, “What happened to the wife after she left?” I want to know who she ran away with and where they went. Did they get married, did they have any more children, and when and where did she die? None of the three grandchildren are interested in taking a DNA test. Maybe that will change. The woman that ran off had 17 siblings. She is not mentioned as a survivor in any of her siblings' obituaries even though all of the other surviving siblings were. The first one was 1941 so either my person was already dead by 1941 or the family had completely disowned her. The problem with this case is that the lady most likely remarried and I have no idea what her new surname would have been. She didn’t take the children with her so I can’t track her using the children. She never contacted them again after she left. I checked the marriage records of all the counties in the area with negative results. It appears she left the area completely. Another DNA angle might be to test some nieces and nephews of the lady I am looking for but I haven’t tried to locate them yet.

5) I have been working a bit on my biggest personal brick wall. I pick this one up from time to time hoping I can find something new.  Hmmmmmm, maybe I will post the details of that case tomorrow and you guys can help me solve it.


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  1. Welcome back! I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who took a short sabbatical from writing. I cannot wait to get to my keyboard today and write a blog post or two or three. I told my readers, briefly, why I was away and can now share the results with them. Watch out ...... we're back!

  2. Welcome back; missed your postings.

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  4. Welcome back, Michele. I always enjoy your blog, especially your hints on how you use Legacy and also your filing organization tips.

  5. Welcome back. I always miss your posts when you are gone. The good news is, while you were away, I got more consistent posting to my relatively new blog I started. I appreciate even more what you do almost everyday!

    1. I hope you registered your blog with Geneabloggers :)