Friday, November 7, 2014

Another searching and tagging example

Several people want to see another example of how I use searching and tagging.  It just so happens I needed to tag some people in my file for a new database on FamilySearch.

FamilySearch now has indexed images of Georgia death certificates from 1928-1938.  The death certificates for 1914-1927 have been online for quite some time but now I have ten more years of certificates to play with.

First I have to search for anyone that died in the state of Georgia between 1928 and 1938.

ga 1


And here is my search list.  I have 28 people in my file that fit the criteria.

ga 2


Now I will click Options then Advanced Tagging and then I will be here.

ga 3


Now I will show you how I flip through people.

ga 4

At the bottom if you click the I:5 square you can change the tag you want to use. I: stands for Individual.  You will also see M: which is for the Marriage Tags.  I have it set to Individual Tag 5.  Now I can use the left and right arrow buttons to navigate through the list of tagged people that are tagged on Tag 5. Caroline Cornelia (Farmer) Dismuke is first on the list.  I have no problem finding her in the death certificate database.  Here is the index entry.

ga 5

And here is her actual death certificate.

Farmer, Caroline death certificate 1931

So what do I do now?

1) I download and save the document to my hard drive.
2) I attach this death certificate to Caroline’s death field and add a caption and date.
3) I create a source citation for this document on the Source Clipboard.
4) I extract all of the data from this document, add the information to my file,  and then source everything I added.
5) I untag Caroline from tag 5.
6) I click the right arrow and go to the next person. 

Easy peasy!


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  1. Can you please clarify your #2 step (above)? I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Are you sourcing the death cert in Caroline's death field? And if so, doesn't step #3 do the same thing?

    Thx. Carolyn

    1. In step two I am attached the .jpg image of the death certificate to her Media Gallery. If you click the + sign next to the death location you will see that you can chose death picture. In step three I am creating a source citation.