Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words

Michael John Neill wrote a great blog post this week, Pencil and Paper Sometimes Will DoI laughed when I saw his little chart because I do this all the time.  Whenever someone wants me to help them with a dilemma I have to draw out the family or it won’t make sense to me.  

The Columbia County [GA] Genealogical Society had a “Genealogy Road Show” not too long ago.  Two of the cases presented were a bit complicated and the best way to show the family structure was by using a diagram like this.  I fancied it up for the presentation using Popplet but the concept is the same.  Sometimes it just makes more sense if you can actual see it.


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Sometimes pencil and paper is so much faster and serves the purpose--at least initially.