Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vietnam era military records


Several people have asked me if you can get Vietnam era compiled service records.  The answer is no unless you are the veteran.  If the veteran is deceased then the surviving spouse or child can get the records.  When my dad died I was able to get his entire military service record.  The Air Force also sent all of my dad’s medals and ribbons which was a nice surprise. It was very much appreciated.  I got a real kick out of reading my dad’s yearly evaluations.  He had a bit of an attitude.  If you knew my dad you wouldn’t be a bit surprised that his commanding officers mentioned it a time or two. He had a hot temper and liked to get into fights.  He also didn’t like people telling him what to do.  Even so, he was good at his job and made it to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant by the time he retired.  Not bad considering he got busted a couple of time.

There is some Vietnam era (and Korean War) information that has been publically released such as causality lists, POW/MIA lists and lists of people who received military awards and honors.  Fold3 also has Navy Muster Rolls 1949-1971 which surprised me a bit since these most certainly contain names of living people.


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