Wednesday, December 3, 2014

FamilySearch photoduplication service

FamilySearch’s photoduplication service is being discontinued as of 05 December 2014.  This is very sad news because it was a great service that I took full advantage of. 

I received my very last document today and to add insult to injury the document didn’t help me at all.  I had asked for a death certificate of someone with the same name as the man I am looking for who was born and died about the right time.  After looking at the document I can see that this isn’t the right man.  Bummer. 

So how will I get my documents now?  There is a lady that pulls documents for me at the Family History Library  and she does a great job.  Even when I was using the photoduplication service she still pulled documents for me.  FamilySearch would only pull documents if you had very exact information.  The lady who pulls for me is also an accomplished researcher so if I don’t have the exact information she can usually find what I need.  Now she will get all of my business. 


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    1. If you send me an email at I would be more than happy to give you her contact information. I have always been very happy with what she has done for me :)