Monday, December 8, 2014

The 2015 Legacy Family Tree Webinars schedule is out

Legacy Family Tree Webinars are FREE to watch live and for one week after the live presentation.  After that they are only available to Legacy Webinar subscribers.  Subscribers can access any of the webinars at any time and also have the added bonus of the handout materials.  This year there will be a couple of subscriber only webinars as an extra incentive to sign up for a membership.

2015 Legacy Webinar Schedule

Geoff normally sneaks in a few more surprise webinars during the year so you definitely want to check the above page often.  When you register for a webinar, you will get an email that has the information you need to be able to connect to the webinar.  If you are a webinar subscriber, you can register for multiple webinars at the same time.

This is a continuing education opportunity that you just don’t want to miss. Geoff has the top speakers lined up and the topics you have expressed interest in will be featured.

From now until the first of the year I will be posting a bit sporadically.  I have projects due by the end of the year not to mention all of the normal Christmas stuff going on.  I do have some cool updates to share regarding the German research I have been telling you about but there is still more info coming in so I will wait on that a bit.  

I talked my mother into doing a DNA test.  She mentioned it to some of her friends and several of them said that they had already taken DNA tests!  That made her feel much better about it.  If I do need to get a DNA test from one of my relatives in Germany hopefully my mother will be able to convince them. 

I have told you about The Organized Genealogist and the Technology for Genealogy Facebook Groups before but now I want to tell you about two more.  A lot of you use Evernote or OneNote to help stay organized and there are now Facebook group pages for both of these, Evernote Genealogists and OneNote for Genealogy.  These groups are a great place to share ideas and ask questions.

This Thursday is the last meeting of the year for the Columbia County [GA] Genealogical Society.  Each person will be reading their letter to Santa with their top three genealogical wishes.  We will then have an exchange of presents and refreshments.  I would encourage you to join a local genealogical and/or historical society for one of your New Year’s resolutions.  Our group is really special.  We have a dedicated group of members and every month we have some sort of interesting program.  Genealogical societies used to be much more popular.  Now that so much is available on the internet people don’t think these societies have any value.  Those people are wrong.  Nothing beats fellowshipping with people that share your same interests.


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  1. I see we had the same idea this morning. I also put an announcement on my blog. Gotta get the word out.