Sunday, January 18, 2015

Legacy: Changing the Burial label to Cremated

You can change the Burial label to Cremated on the Individual’s Information screen.  Click the + (plus) sign to the right of the burial field.  Click the word Cremated and you will see a checkmark appear then the box will disappear.

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Now your label will say Cremated instead of Buried.



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  1. Thanks Michele. Herein lies my conundrum. Many of our family members are cremated and then their ashes are buried. Many have headstones. Which way do you choose to label in those situations? I've been going with "buried" making use of the notes to indicate they were cremated before burial. Is there a best practice for this situation, or is it just up to each of us to decide?

    1. If their ashes are buried in a cemetery I would go with burial and then in the Cemetery Event notes I would put that they were cremated first. I only have one cremated person in my file and that is my dad. He has a memorial marker in a cemetery but his ashes are not there. I have him as cremated but I do have a cemetery event. In the event notes I put that it was a memorial marker only.