Saturday, January 17, 2015

Legacy: Changing the labels on the Family View

When someone sees a screenshot from Legacy and they notice that the labels on the Family View are different than what they have they want to know how they can change them.  Easy peasy. (You can click any of the screenshots to make them bigger).

You can see that my labels are Born, Died, Age [at death], Cause of Death and Cemetery



All you have to do to change these is mouse click on one of the labels and a Customize Family View Information box pop up.  This is where you can tell Legacy what you want to be displayed.  Notice that you can display up to five fields. 



To change one of the fields click the little square to the right that has the in it. and you will get this.



You have 99 options to choose from.  You actually have a lot more than that.  Event is only on the list once but if you choose that you will be able to pick any event that you have.  Here is where it gets really cool.  You can save up to 10 different sets of labels!  Depending on what you are researching at the time, you might want other things to display on the Family View.

Here I am saving my current view.  I am going to Save it to number 1.  If I want to use one of my custom sets of labels I would only need to click Load (above the save button).



I went ahead and saved a second set of labels.  Now when I click on the labels I have a quick pick list I can use but I can still go to the customize screen if I prefer and can click Load there.  You can see the labels that I have now are Birth, Death, Age, FSID [FamilySearch ID] and the Modified Date/Time [the date/time I last made a change to this person].



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  1. Help! I have followed these directions and searched the Help Files. I can get this far just fine. But, when I go into the data entry screen nothing has changed. The names I've edited have not changed and the additional field I have entered does not appear - there are no areas where I can even enter the new information. What am I missing here??

    I'm going to take a nap :)

    Thanks, Nancy M.

    1. Nancy,
      These fields only show up on the Family View and they are for viewing only. You can't enter data in these fields. You have to enter the data the normal way, through the Individual's Information screen. The fields on the Individual's Information screen are not customizable. For example, if you have a Cemetery Event showing on the Family View to edit it you have to go to the Individual's Information screen and then edit the cemetery event in the list of events.

  2. Great did you get the MODIFIED/UPDATE field label? I don't see it on my list as available?

    1. The options for this are on the list. There are a gazillion options so it is easy to overlook.

  3. Is there a way to make Burial Address one of the five labels when it's not an event, only an address (or location)?

    1. This is not one of the available options but if this is something you would like to see you can send this in as a suggestion to the programmers here If you send it in this way it will get logged into our tracking system.