Friday, January 16, 2015

Legacy: Expand/Contract Location Parts

“How do I change all instances of USA in my locations to United States?”

On the main toolbar in Legacy, select View > Master Lists > Location. On the right side of the screen select Options > Expand/Contract Location Parts.

Here is the Expand/Contract Location Parts dialog box. Check the box that says, Add "United States."  It won't add United States to the USA that is already there but rather it will change USA to United States. Hit Continue.


This is what the Master Location List looks like before the change


And here it is after


If you choose Add “USA” it will change all of your United States entries back to USA. You can also do this with the names of states and there are additional options to expand/contract names associated with other countries. To see all of the abbreviations that Legacy will recognize and convert, select the country you are interested in under Parts to Work On then Preview a list of Codes/Names.


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