Wednesday, January 7, 2015

For those visual learners

I have two really good resources to learn about the Genealogical Proof Standard for you visual learners. The first is a colorful Genealogy Research Process map by Mark Tucker. The second is a slide show, Navigating Research with the GPS,  also by Mark Tucker. 

There is one point I would like to expand on,  the Define Research Goals step on the Genealogy Research Process map.  I think this is where a lot of people mess up. You need to make very specific goals and if you have more than one, you need to address them separately (separate research plan/log).

Where was John Doe born?
Who were John Doe’s parents?
Who did John Doe marry?
Did John Doe serve in the Confederate Army?

What you want to avoid are very broad research goals such as “What does FamilySearch have on John Doe?”   If you find something that is relevant to a different search goal go ahead and save it while you have it in your hands but don’t take the time to analyze it yet.

Tomorrow I will be posting a cool announcement about the GPS that you might be interested in.


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  1. As a visual learner, I really appreciate you sharing these great resources!