Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I think I am going to do a series of Legacy specific posts.  I answer a gazillion questions about Legacy while I am working but I am also answering them on several different Facebook pages.  If you have a question about how to do something in Legacy let me know and I will post it on the this page.  I love to do screenshots so I should be able to show you how to do anything you want to know how to do.  If you don’t use Legacy (yet) this will give you an opportunity to see what the program can do.  You can email me at

One thing I would like to mention.  Legacy is a very full-featured program and it takes awhile to learn all of the things it can do.  We have some things that will help you.  Here are some FREE videos and webinars.

You can find more free Legacy specific webinars HERE.

Don’t forget the Help File.  If you go to Help > Help Index over on the right you will see links to Tutorial Lessons, Step-by-step Instructions and my favorite, Tips and Tricks. We also have an online Knowledge Base that is searchable. 

Also, there is usually more than one way to do something in Legacy.  It is set up that way on purpose because different people like to do things in different ways.  Legacy is pretty flexible.  Here is one simple example, some people like to create a Census event and then attach a copy of the census page to the event.  Other people prefer to use the census as a source and they attach a copy of the census page to the source.  It is totally personal preference. 


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  1. Your post title "Legacy" caught my eye on my blog (I have blog lists of the blogs I like to read - easiest way to check them all.) I just bought Legacy 8 on Sunday night after looking a different programs for the last few months. The Master Genealogist was my program but it is no longer being updated. This series of posts will be perfect- especially since I have just started my second quarter of a three quarter Thursday night class in Genealogy and Family History at the University of Washington. My research paper is due on June 4th (40 years after I graduated from there.) I didn't want to enter all my new research in my old program. Thank you, Thank you and your timing is more than perfect!

  2. I hope you enjoy the posts! If there is anything specific you want to see let me know.

  3. Michele,

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I would love to see how you make use of the clipboard for citations. I think it's a tool that I'm not maximizing as well as I could.

    1. No problem :). I am still in Florida so I am posting blogs I have already written. When I get back I will start writing new ones and I will do one on the source clipboard :) It will definitely save you some time.

    2. I like that idea! I have a family file from my cousin but it doesn't have any sources so I need to enter all of the source information for several hundred people. Anything that will make that go faster will be wonderful!

    3. In a couple of days I will have a post on how to use the source clipboard and this will save you oodles of time :)