Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Legacy: The Source Clipboard

I had someone ask to see more about the Source Clipboard so here it is.  The Source Clipboard is there to save you some time.  I will give you an example from my file.  I very often get death certificates or marriage certificates in batches.  I can load a master source onto the clipboard and then just change the detail when I change certificates. 

Here is the process step by step.  (You can click on any of the screenshots to make them bigger).









The Source Clipboard has already saved you some time but here is where it will save you even more.  Now I am going to add another Louisiana Death Certificate.  I don’t need to change the Master Source, only the Detail.  I go to my new person and click the Source Clipboard icon.




I can now paste this citation in all the places it needs to go.  When I am done I will go to the next person.

Tomorrow I will show you how to save source citations to use again later and also how paste more than one source at a time.


Copyright © 2015 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. Thanks Michele. I use the clipboard every day. However, I'm always eager to see how someone else (especially a Legacy tech person) is using it. We all get into our routines and maybe those routines can be changed to an easier method? I'll be paying close attention to these posts. So far our methods are nearly the same.

  2. What SourceWriter template has been used for the Figs 2. 4. and 5? When I try to enter a new source using the "Death Records" source, Type "Death certificate", Country "All except England and Wales" "local/county" level "Basic format" (all from drop-down options) I get a screen with first tab *Source Info and an extra tab to the other three called Repository. I am A New Zealand user, so most of my records relate to NZ, Australia and UK.

    1. I am using the template you are citing :) I fill out the fields on the Source Info tab. I left the Text/Comments tab blank. I don't need it in this case. The Repository tab will fill itself out because on the Source Info tab there is a drop down box for the repository. When you select it, it will automatically fill in the Repository tab. I didn't use the Media tab or he Override tabs in this case.