Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Marmaduke Jowers

Do you ever come across a name that just intrigues you?  I would like you to meet Marmaduke Jowers.  I love his name and I want to know more about him.  I have just started researching Marmaduke.  My actual person of interest is a man named Edward Miles (a very ordinary name).  He was born about 1796 in South Carolina.  He married a woman named Charlotte.  If you look on Ancestry and FamilySearch a lot of people have his wife as Charlotte Jowers, daughter of Marmaduke Jowers.  I haven’t even proven that Edward married Charlotte Jowers let alone that Charlotte’s father was Marmaduke so I have a long way to go yet.  

Here is Marmaduke on the 1800, 1810, 1820 census in Barnwell County, South Carolina and there is a daughter the right age in the household to be Charlotte so no roadblocks yet.



mj 1800




1820mj 1820


I don’t see him in 1790 or in 1830.  By the census he was born about 1775ish. 

So here’s the question.  Where do you think the first place I am going to look for Marmaduke will be?  Probate.  Why?  Well, if Marmaduke had a will, that will might list a married daughter named Charlotte Miles.

I am writing this blog post as I am searching so you will find out at the same time as I do.  I only live about an hour from Barnwell County so I know that I can go to the courthouse if I need to, but, I don’t need to.  FamilySearch has Barnwell County’s will books and loose probate packets online.  The bad news is, neither record set is indexed. However, Google is my friend.  I did a search for “Barnwell County, South Carolina Will Index” and look what I found.  http://tinyurl.com/o4hsosp

If you scroll down you will see this….

Jowers, Marmaduke
File Number:  042-044
Year:  1824
Date:  7 Jan
Image Numbers: 51-55

Well isn’t that helpful!  This is an index to the FamilySearch images themselves.  And here they are http://tinyurl.com/nf9wsnk

Marmaduke died intestate (without a will).  How do I know?  Because an administrator, not an executor, handled the estate.  A Jenny Jowers is the administratrix. Wife?  Probably.  She was appointed administratrix on 02 Jan 1824 which explains why Marmaduke doesn’t appear in the 1830 census.  He mostly likely died late 1823.  I looked at the 1830 census again and there is a Jane Jowers listed as head of household.  This could possibly be Jenny.  I don’t see Charlotte Miles anywhere in the probate file so no luck there.

So where now?  Well, with a name as unusual as Marmaduke Jowers I am going to do as many internet searches as I can.  I will be keeping track of everything I do so that I don’t repeat myself.  There is one search I want to tell you about.

Google Books happens to be one of my favorites.  I found this little tidbit…

“Mr. DeTreville presented the petition of Marmaduke Jowers, praying a divorce from his wife…” 

This is dated 23 November 1847.  I found it in Journal of the Senate of the State of South Carolina By South Carolina. General Assembly. Senate (page 8-9).  Obviously a relation of some sort, probably a son.

Google Books coughed up something else that was very interesting.  I was able to see a little snippet from the book Clarke County cousins: Clarke County, Alabama by Lois Jowers Dealy and Maxine Jowers Frederick. 

“There were at least four Jowers who received U.S. Land Grants because of having served in the Revolutionary War: Thomas (1784) in Richmond County, North Carolina; George Jowers (1785) in Cheraw District, South Carolina: Marmaduke Jowers (1787) in Barnwell District, South Carolina and a John Jowers (1788) in Cheraw…”

This information of course needs to be verified. This isn’t my Marmaduke but it could easily be my Marmaduke’s father.  So now I have three distinct Marmaduke Jowers in three different generations.  I have a slight problem.  The probate packet I found, is it for my Marmaduke or this Rev. War Marmaduke?  I am not sure yet. 

As I said, this investigation is at the very beginning.  Right now I am putting together a solid research plan for a couple of different research goals.  My ultimate goal is to find out if Edward Jowers married a woman named Charlotte Jowers, and if so, was she the daughter of Marmaduke Jowers.  I would also like to learn more about all of the Marmaduke Jowers.  Anyone with a cool name like that deserves further investigation.


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  1. I am fascinated by Marmaduke as well. In muy husband's family there are 6 generations of Marmaduke Dixons.

    1. I wonder, did these people have nicknames? I can't imagine calling a 2 year old "Marmaduke."

  2. This would be my Marmaduke's (1834-1910) grandfather then. His parents were Edward Miles (abt 1800) and Charlotte Jowers (1802).

    1. Edward and Charlotte had a son named Leonard that married Catherine Peeples. They had a daughter named Lavinia that married Bazzle Emmanuel Fountain (another cool name). They had a daughter named Jessie Leila Fountain who married Masterson Alonzo Wood (another cool name). They had a son named Walter James Wood who married Arline Almeda Maddox. They had a daughter named Miriam Lillian Wood and Miriam was my mother-in-law :)

  3. Ftr, their son's name is even cooler...Marmaduke Milton Miles.

  4. Hi! I have great, great grandfather who has a brother listed as "Marmadon" Jowers, born 1859 in Georgia. He appears on the 1880 census at Brown's Station, Terrell County, GA, living with his brother Charles. Their parents were John F Jowers (1830-1850) and Amanda Pickett or Puckett (1830-1880). I have John as born in Chesterfield County, SC. John's parents were Richard Jowers (1803-1870) of SC and Sarah Marshall (1800-?) of GA. I haven't spent much energy on this line so far but am trying to look at it again with an Ancestry membership. "Marmadon" and "Marmaduke" seem like a pretty big coincidence so maybe we can find a connection.