Friday, February 27, 2015

My process

I have had several people ask me what my process is when I get a new document.  I follow this sequence of events for every document I receive.  Since I do it the same way every time I don’t miss anything.

1) I scan the document and save it to my hard drive.  I put a complete source citation in the metadata of the image.  I have a consistent file naming system than I use so I can find any document I need very quickly.

2) If this is a document that I found online I do not make a paper copy.  If this is a document that I had to get from a repository/courthouse I put it in a sheet protector and I label both the document and the sheet protector with a complete source citation.

3) I transcribe and abstract the document.  I don’t do this for every document (yes, I know I should).  I use Transcript to make it a bit easier.

4) I extract the information into Legacy and attach a source citation to each entry.  This is a little more involved than it sounds because if there are any conflicts I have to address those conflicts. 

5) I then link the document to the appropriate place in Legacy. Where I link it depends on what sort of document it is. 


Copyright © 2015 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. My process is pretty similar Michele. Except, I don't do the metadata step. I like that idea and realize the value of it. Thanks. I also don't put the source citation on the page protectors. Another good idea. Other than that, we follow similar steps.

  2. Do you put the source citation on the digital copy where it can be seen? I open it in Paint, add some white space, and then add the citation.

    1. Lisa,
      If the images are part of a report I am doing for someone else I automatically do this (same way as you, in Paint). When the images are part of my personal family I don't (probably should).