Tuesday, February 24, 2015

One clue leads you to another

I found the book Lives of Virginia Baptist Ministers written in 1859 by James B. Taylor ONLINE.  Inside this book there was a reference to an article written in the Georgia Analytical Repository in 1802.  A quick check on World Cat let me know that the Georgia Analytical Repository 1800-1850 is on microfilm and that the Reese Library (Georgia Regents University) has it.  The Reese Library is one of my favorite repositories and it is a mere 25 minutes from my house. 

Why is this such a great find?  The guy am researching was born in 1706 and died in 1784. Needless to say, there are records but not a boatload. The article in the Georgia Analytical Repository was written by my guy’s son.  This may not be an official document from a courthouse but this is a son that grew up in his dad's household, migrated with his dad through 4 states, worked with his dad (both were pastors at the same church), was a grown man when his dad died (36 years old) and wrote the bio with plenty of first hand knowledge.  I am sure it is embellished a bit when he talks about how great his dad was but still, not bad!

Special Collections is open Monday 9-5. Oh yeah!


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