Monday, March 9, 2015


Find My Past had a free weekend so I played in their records a bit. It amazes me that there are documents this old that are still in good shape. Here is page from a 1547 Westminster church book. Look at that old English writing!


I don’t have a subscription to Find My Past because their focus is on UK records and my personal focus is Central Europe. There is one thing that Find My Past has that IS of interest to me and that is PERSI (Periodical Source Index). The Allen County Public Library has the largest collection of genealogical periodicals in the world. If you find an article of interest in PERSI you can then order the full article from the library. used to have PERSI but they took it down. Heritage Quest still has it and that is what I use because I can access Heritage Quest free though Galileo but it isn’t being updated. Find My Past is not only updating PERSI they plan to put the actual images of the articles online so that you don’t have to order them any more. This is a major undertaking and I am guessing it will take several to many years to accomplish. I would probably get a limited subscription once they accomplish this.


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  1. I thought I was pretty good at reading old documents, but this is the oldest one I've seen and am totally lost!

    1. All my people are in central Europe so old German is more my thing. I can't read the document either other than scattered words :)