Thursday, March 12, 2015

Genealogy Gophers

Genealogy Gophers is a searchable collection of genealogy-specific, public domain books. This website is new and still in beta but I like it a lot.  The advantage over Google Books and Internet Archive is that you don’t have to weed through all of the non genealogy stuff.  The advantage over FamilySearch Books is that it has a better search engine.

I did several searches related to my current project.  I had already done searches at the other sites.  The list of hits was much more meaningful and easier to sort through.  Right now they have 40,000 books online and they are planning to add 60,000 more.

When you click on one of the hits to see the actual page from the book a short survey thing will pop up.  You can skip the survey to get to the page.  A bit annoying but tolerable.  Don’t forget it’s free.


Copyright © 2015 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. I've done several searches but, as yet, have not had a survey pop up. I found a book and the newsletters of the Honaker Family Association. Very happy! ~ Cathy

  2. Thanks for telling us about it. It has become a bright shiny object for me today!!

  3. Nothing of interest found at Genealogy Gophers so far, but have a tip to share.
    A 'Last Name' must be entered to search, but not all results use that search term as a name. And there are restrictions on the detail allowed in the 'State or Country' field (according to the search hints pop-up).
    Tip: If a place search is desired, instead of a name search, put the placename in the 'Last Name' box.

  4. Does it have as many county histories as Google Books and Internet Archives? That's what I really rely on!

  5. Not sure. I love the county histories too :) I would like to know when the other 60,000 books will be added. I am thinking that when they go to 100,000 genealogy specific books that their collection will be as complete as any other.