Friday, March 13, 2015

I wonder what our ancestors would think

I wonder what our ancestors would think about us poking around in their private lives.   Someone living in the 18th century might be taken aback if they knew we were digging through their land and tax records learning how wealthy or poor they were.  We might uncover private letters penned in confidence and handwritten notes scrawled in their personal Bible.  What about little secrets we find that they thought would never be known.  Then again, if my ancestors were anything like me they would have purposely left intriguing clues and then stood back and laughed as we hit brick wall after brick wall.


Copyright © 2015 Michele Simmons Lewis


  1. LOL, so true!

  2. I thought I commented here. Well I have to so here it is, again. I think our ancestors would not like us prying into their lives, as we do. How many times have we heard "those things were just not talked about back then"?But on the other hand, the secrets I have uncovered by following a paperwork trail, priceless!